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November 2008
The Deluxe Edition CD version of One Day in the Woods has just been released and is now available. Here is what's written on the CD jacket:

'Today is a special day in the woods — the beautiful ovenbird is due to return from South America and Rebecca is determined to find and protect it from extinction. Follow her into the forest as she discovers a world where squirrels fly, deer vanish into thin air and reappear, and ducklings leap fifty feet down from holes in trees. Jean Craighead George’s beloved naturalist adventure has been enchantingly adapted for the musical stage by noted composer Chris Kubie. With vibrant performances by Alan Arkin, Patrick Collins, Barbara Dana, Maryann Plunkett, Jay O. Sanders, and others. One Day in the Woods is a celebration of woodland life for all to enjoy.

New Release! - One Day in the Woods

Purchas this CD at CD BabyYou can purchase this CD at CD Baby - click here.

Magnifying Glass (performed by Jay O. Sanders) (RT: 2:22)

Mother Wood Duck (performed by Maryann Plunkett) (RT: 2:23)

Jean Craighead George’s book, Julie of the Wolves won the prestigious Newbery Medal, the American Library Association's award for the most distinguished contribution to literature Jean and Chrisfor children in 1973. My Side of the Mountain, (the story of a boy and a falcon surviving on a mountain together) was a 1960 Newbery Honor Book. She is counted amongst the world’s most lauded authors of books for children and young adults.

I have composed for award-winning films and television specials including “Bobby Kennedy: In His Own Words” for HBO”, “The Peoples Palace: Secrets of the New York Public Library” for PBS, “Radio City Music Hall: The Story Behind the Showcase” for A&E, several television series for The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel, as well as hundreds of children’s audio books and videos. '


Julie of the Wolves - a new family musical based on the book by Jean Craighead George. This new family musical, already a decade in the works, has witnessed many readingsJulie of the Wolves, workshops, and last year, a remarkable dance workshop at the Kaufman Theatre - Museum Of Natural History in New York, where, Fay Simpson choreographed the turning of wolves to men and back again. The journey of Julie Of The Wolves (the musical) continues as the writer Barbara Dana prepares yet another rewrite.

Meanwhile, Chris Kubie records the show's songs with new and familiar talent at Acme Recording Studios in Mamaroneck, NY, with Rory Young engineering. This new package is to promote the musical. Updates of the show's progress, and performances will be listed here first, as well of streaming samples from these new sessions.

More wonderful news is that Julie of the Wolves is being filmed by Robert and Andy Young Productions Inc. The father and son have filmed wildlife award winners, documentaries on Eskimos and human dramas. They are an independent company who love Julie and her story. This film will be a masterpiece...at last, it is in the hands of the right film makers who will be right out there on the Arctic tundra with Julie and the wolves!

In the studio Visit Sloan Wainwright's website

StorytellerStory Teller
If you've ever wondered how best-selling children's author Jean Craighead George works and lives, then join her in this entertaining and educational documentary to find out. You'll see inside her home, look over her shoulder as she writes, listen in as she answers fan mail, and meet her talkative parrot named Tocca.

Story Teller DVDThen go on the road with Jean to the locations of My Side of the Mountain and The Summer of the Falcon to hear how those stories began. Follow her to Utah to meet the wolves that will star in a movie about her Newbery Medal winning book Julie of the Wolves. Go with her to Yellowstone Park and to the Platte River as she begins to write new books set in these fascinating places.

Each chapter of this delightful film is punctuated with Jean's comments and insights into how she thinks and works. This documentary was beautifully shot in some of Jean's favorite places, with original music by Chris Kubie.

For more information, to see a preview, or to order a copy of Storyteller from Lunchbox Lessons, click here!

One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest
By Jean Craighead George
Narrated by Jean Craighead George
Music by Chris Kubie
Available from Recorded Books
Contains 60 minutes of music by Chris Kubie and narrated by the author herself! Here's a sound clip from the production:

From One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest:

One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest MP3:1138K (RT: 1:11)

Early in the morning, young Tepui walks through the Venezuelan tropical rain forest. Colorful birds call from the treetops, and a tribe of monkeys plays in the branches. But Tepui doesn't have time to enjoy the animals he loves so much. He is going to the Science Laboratory to talk to his scientist friends.

Today, trucks and bulldozers are heading to the forest. They are bringing men to cut down the trees. Many plants will die, and the animals will no longer have homes. Tepui and his friends want to think of a way to save the forest. But are they too late?

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