Tnspired by the writings of Jean Craighead George, and thanks to her support, I have recently completed a musical interpretation of her renowned series of books entitled The Thirteen Moons, from HarperCollins, New York. For this series of books she has based her stories on the Native American calendar, marked by the thirteen moons each year brings to us. She has named each moon after a North American animal and brings to the reader a new appreciation of each one.

The Music of the Thirteen Moons consists of a series of thirteen instrumental pieces, subtlely working through a circle of fourths, each piece evoking the ambiance of its companion book. However, one need not possess the books to fully appreciate the music. It stands alone. From the haunting Moon of the Owls to the frenetic Moon of the Chickarees , the music evokes visions which are limited only by the imagination of the listener. It will delight the most sophisticated listeners, and their children. I hope you will download the excerpts I've offered here and have a listen!

The Music of the Thirteen Moons is available online from and also from CD Baby . If you would like a copy of my first CD Tocca's Favorite Mix, please e-mail me and I'll e-mail you with ordering information. Thanks!

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13 Moons artwork © Wendell Minor; all rights reserved

From "Music of the Thirteen Moons":

Moon of the Chickarees (RT: 3:23)

Moon of the Moles (RT: 3:40)

Moon of the Owls (RT: 4:11)

All music © Chris Kubie; all rights reserved


January 2009
2009 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Jean Craighead George's seminal Newberry Award winning book, My Side of the Mountain. Join Jean in a look back at the book which has touched so many lives. She reflects on the story's conception, and how the book took shape. She may answer some of the questions you have always been curious about in this video taped in December of 2008. How many lives have been touched and changed by this important work?

All of the music used in this video was composed by Chris Kubie, and was taken from his CD, "Music of the Thirteen Moons."

Note: The upcoming companion book to the 50th Anniversary Edition of "My Side of the Mountain" mentioned by Jean in the video above will be called "Pocket Guide to the Outdoors", and will be realeased in 2009. We'll post more information here when we get it!

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