SJulie of the Wolvesome of my television work is featured on The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel. Justices Files has been a highly rated series for years and represents one of the first shows I did for TDC. I am surprised by the number of people who know me for it! Many of these shows feature heroic, dramatic, scary or action based themes. Human Experience can be found on a rotation basis on TLC.

True Heroes is a new series that premiered on The Learning Channel in April 1998. I hope you will download the main theme and catch the show sometime.

Radio City Music Hall: The Story Behind The Showplace , which I scored, premiered December 21, 1999 on American Movie Classics (AMC).


From "True Heroes":

Main Theme (RT: :58)

From "Radio City Music Hall":

End Credits (RT: 1:04)

From "Cracker in L.A.":

"Cracker in L.A." comedy pilot theme (RT: 3:41)

From "Baby Boomers Theme":

"Baby Boomers Theme" (comedy) (RT: 53 seconds)

BartFrom "Bear Pranks":

Bear Pranks (for Doug and Lynne Seus) (RT: 2:24)

From "Bombay Burrito":

Bombay Burrito (RT: 5:00)


From "Justice Files 2005":

Justice Files 2005 (RT: 4:00)

From "Nutik":

Nutik Theme (RT: 1:08)

All music © Chris Kubie; all rights reserved

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