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Chris Kubie

Film Scores:

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Television Scores:

  • American Movie Classics (AMC)
    Radio City Music Hall:
    The Story Behind The Showplace
  • Discovery Channel:
    Justice Files
    Moments of Courage
    Secret Weapons
  • Learning Channel:
    True Heroes
    Human Experience
    Only Human

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Children's Film/Video/Books On Tape:

  • "One Day In The Woods" Just re-released November 2008!
    A children's environmental musical, released by HarperCollins, 1997. Co-written with Jean Craighead George. Stars Alan Arkin, Barbara Dana, Jay O. Sanders, Maryann Plunkett, Patrick Collins, and introducing Arielle Kubie.Jean Craighead George and Chris
  • " The Gardener"
    Video production of Sarah Stewart and David Small's Caldecott Honor book about a young girl's gift of a garden in the middle of a city. Produced by Live Oak Media.
  • "Snow"
    Video production of Uri Shulevitz's Caldecott Honor Book.
  • "Pickles To Pittsburgh"
    Video Production of Judi and Ron Barret's zany sequel.
  • "Paper John"
    Video Production of David Small's fable like story of a kindly, resourceful
  • "Art Dog "
    Video production of Thatcher Hurd's imaginative tale. "Art Dog comes alive in this bouyantly produced adaptation "-Booklist
  • "Passage To Freedom"
    Video production of Ken Mochizuki and Dom Lee's authorized book .

Available from Live Oak Media:

  • "Peeping Beauty"
  • "The Easter Egg Farm"
    Live Oak
  • "Eggs Mark the Spot"
    by Mary Jane Auch
  • "The Flyaway Pantaloons"
    by Sue Scullard
  • "Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock" **
  • "Anansi Goes Fishing"
  • "Anansi and the Talking Melon"

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** Awarded the Silver Apple Award for Original Music by the National Educational Film & Video Festival

Look, there are really too many to list here, folks. If you want to get the full listing, please contact Live Oak Media in Pine Plains, NY, 1 (800) 788-1121.


Chris Kubie: Complete Services

Tim Knowlton, Curtis Brown, Ltd.
10 Astor Place, New York, NY 10003

Writer Member - ASCAP/Publisher Member ASCAP - Earthweb Music Company.

Mannes College of Music - Mastered in Composition - 1973 Clinician for Bob Moog.......ah, I remember it well! The Jurrasic period of the Sythesis Age.

I've been Musical Director for Kiss Me Kate one too many times.........and Marat Sade not nearly enough!!

I spent 10 years working at Chelsea Music in NYC with the late, beloved Mathilde Pincus and dear friend Evan Morris, doing music preparation for the pit orchestras on Broadway and for films. I learned more about orchestration here than I did in all my previous years of study! (Courtesy of great orchestrators like Jack Hayes, Jonathan Tunick, Michael Starobin, Michael Abene and many others).

I was lucky enough to be best friends with John Morris' son, Evan, which brought with it the invaluable gift of John's mentoring. I would be nowhere without his encouragement and generosity.

1986 - I went completely independent and began composing for TV and Films full time. I've managed to build quite a respectable MIDI studio in my home and have acquired all of the best orchestral samples to be had. (See Studio Specs Section).

1998 - I drag myself (and my family) into the 21st Century and launch my own web page and decide it's time to indulge in some shameless self-promotion (all in the name of my daughters' college tuition money). (See Direct Deposit - Kubie - Bank of New York).

For the past 9 years I have been working on a collaborative basis with renowned children's author, Jean Craighead George. Our work is based upon her writings and works to date include a children's environmental musical entitled One Day In the Woods (HarperCollins), and One Day In the Tropical Rain Forest (not released yet) which is an audio production that features Jean reading her book about a young Yanonami boy's struggle with progress to the listener and my score enhancing the experience like nothing you've ever heard before.

Most recently, Jean George and I are working together on a treatment for her Newbery Medal book, Julie of the Wolves. This incredible classic tells the story of a lost 12 year old Eskimo girl who finds herself among the wolves of the tundra and amidst the struggles of young womanhood. (To download a sound file for a taste, see the Very Visual Music Page).

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